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atheist_fail's Journal

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e-Atheists are dumb, amirite?
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Tired of internet atheists saying the most absurd bullcrap?
Rule the First:
vox_diabolica is benevolent dictator and God-king.

The Edict of Saint the_new_lemon:
'I consider one of the World's greatest evils to be snide self-satisfaction combined with a supremely ignorant and truculent bigotry toward things (or ideas, or people) of which one disapproves.

I do my part to combat this evil by leaving comments on LJ.' [Source]

In an effort to combat common misunderstandings, Minister of Security and Grand General i_am_lane wishes us to convey to you that yes Virginia, naturalism, physicalism, eliminative materialism, utilitarianism, foundationalism, non-defeasible coherentisms, capitalism, libertarianism, modern liberalism, rationalism, empiricism, and all varieties of existentialism are corrupting the youth of the world, and he will continue to engage in propaganda campaigns to bring all to the light of German Idealism. Any who resist their re-education will be sent to death camps and forced to work at translating Hegel into language simple enough to be understandable by even barely evolved protosentient sea creatures.

Sources within the Secret Theists' Revolutionary Kremlin have identified rogue elements and counterrevolutionaries as incapable of distinguishing between fascist extermination camps and Stalinist gulags. Regrettably, it seems, history is as dangerous a subject to the contras as is philosophy. The pace of reeducation shall be increased.

vox_diabolica would like it known that he is, indeed, an atheist - but a better class of atheist. This community mocks the lower orders.

The Cognoscenti

rosicrucian, moosehead_beer, and i_am_lane exist to ban vox_diabolica if he goes a bit far in flaming back. It's good to have checks and balances.
midwinterspring exists to usher in the end times when drama reaches a critical level.
the_new_lemon exists to ban rosicrucian, moosehead_beer, and i_am_lane if he gets bored.
wayside_flower3 exists to keep the_new_lemon in line.
rosicrucian exists to ban i_am_lane, moosehead_beer, and the_new_lemon for not tagging their posts. wc_helmets exists to ban fb_sheex and moosehead_beer. He can also ban vox_diabolica, but only if he has first consulted with zentiger, who is permitted to go ban-happy whenever the community isn't generating enough drama but only in months when it's enjoyable to eat oysters.
my_wits_end exists to bring balance to the Force.
The reason for dzlk's existence remains a mystery.
Please do not feed the mybodymycoffin.

Appeals are handled through a voting system where a decision is overturned through simple majority only if the number of votes is also a Fibonacci number or if the vote is being held on a date which is translated into a prime number when placed in Excel.

Also, this just in: no puppies allowed.

triphicus and sydwig are the community mascots.


marcimojo: I just had a look at atheism fail and it really does look like an assholetastic place.

cyranothe2nd: Atheist_Fail seems to be /b/ for atheist "intellectuals" [...] Its mean and it accomplishing nothing.

vaelynphi: I've actually been thinking about intellectual wankery [...] It seems that for every Dawkins or Dennett amongst us, there are two or three less salient infidels. Are my standards too high? Am I expecting too much?"

rosicrucian: It's Bobcat Nikko approved!

rpeate: Atheist_Fail is like a troll that got kicked out from under a bridge, then moved downstream fifty yards and build his own bridge from which to hurl rocks at the first bridge.

waytogojeremy: As bored as I am with atheist_fail members tendency to swoon over their own intellect and generally act like coked-up philosophy majors....maybe if so many of the post on this community weren't so unbelievably stupid they wouldn't have much to talk about.

j_brisby: Have you ever seen atheist_fail? [...] it is HILARIOUS! There's something so freeing about interacting with people who have completely surrendered the moral high ground!

maru_mari: Someone assumed that a community which exists solely to bash atheists is run by theists? SHOCKING!

maru_mari: Trying to appease them is a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't sort of situation. It's good if you're a masochist, but for your average person, it's just maddening.

spoon_o_doom: I don't watch or belong to atheist fail and I have no desire to join. Reading that thread was sort of like ... touching roadkill. I think I'll go wash my hands now.

vaelynphi: As for the goings-on in AF... honestly, I'm not too happy with most of the people who regularly talk there. They seem to think of themselves more as logic police there to write up citations when someone's argument (or everyday blather, even) doesn't meet their standards. That behaviour follows them around--it's not just in AF that they're so negative.

mangy_mathan: That community kinda brings out the worst in everyone.

saveau: It's the usual self-congratulatory burning of strawmen, punctuated by hallucinatory non sequitirs and accompanied by preening before funhouse mirrors.

hatter23: They a preening psedo-intellectual pricks with a streak of political correctness that makes them into spineless wimps that they use to feel superior to salve their shriveled egos, all based around pointless philosophical pontificating.

elffin: I think it's entirely fair that certain members of AF are so divorced from and afraid of pure joy that they see it only as something to taunt and derogate; Each could only have done that to him/her self.

hatter23: Members of Atheist_fail need not reply

dave_littler: The A_F people - all sixy-six of them - are in that sense like the "ex gay" christian priests who show up at a gay pride event in order to scream at the "fucking f-----s". They're like self-hating black people showing up at a black church in order to scream at the "lazy, stupid n-----s." They're like women showing up to an abused womens' shelter to insult the "stupid s---s and w----s.". They are not there because they're one of us and wish to share in our community. They're there because they wish to attack the community from within. They're a cancerous lump in an otherwise healthy organ.

fatpie42: Dave_Littler's rant is damn right. A_Fail is precisely like he described it. It's a very good analogy for what is going on here.

mothwentbad: They don't give a shit about explaining whatever point they may or may not actually have. They just have a grudge against those mean atheists who won't shut up about the retarded bullshit religion keeps churning out, and they don't care who gives us a hard time or by means of what bullshit insanity, as long as someone is standing up for Christianity.

chron_job: I finally got a tagged entry on atheist_fail!!! I had been reading the community for months, repeatedly keyword searching my name in hopes that I would be so honored. Alas, I had to 'work' for it by actually posting there, rather than making an impression in some other of their watched communities.

vicariance: I absolutely cannot believe that community exists.

mothwentbad: You forgot the scare quotes around "atheists". They're a bunch of apologists who can only be told apart from theists in that they call themselves "atheists" when they want to troll atheist communities with apologetics like it's their day job.

nova_42: "people such as [atheist_fail members] are the lowest form of life on the internet."

hatter23: (In response to the above quote) "Well, other than Nazis, supporters of cold blooded murder, and Pedofiles. I think Afail is completely composed of scum that were they were banned would improve things, but certainly not the lowest form of life."


Help! I have a complaint!

Never fear! You are welcome to make complaints about this community here.

Are you guys all secretly theists trying to establish a New World Order by supporting Palestinians in their bid to sell humanity to the reptilian overlords of Alpha Centauri?


Do you guys have a vendetta against [insert LJ member's name here]?

Yes. Even if we've never heard of them, we have a vendetta against them.

Who are you to judge me?! I went to [insert university here] back in the 1970s and I studied computer science! That means that I am always correct!

We are your father. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Why do you know so much?

When we were very young, our brood-mothers came to our birthing creches and told us of the great learning of the humanoid ape-creatures of Earth. We voyaged long across the cold dark of the interstellar void to study these teachings. Using our superior reptilian minds, we have "read" many of your "books" and "understood" many of the "ideas" contained therein. We realize these esoteric concepts are strange to you, weaned as you were on the inferior electronic milk of Wikipedia and google, but hark. Soon our people shall arrive and restructure your palsied mammalian DNA into a proper quadruple helix structure.

Aren't you a little pretentious?

No. You're just stupid.

That's not very nice.

On our world, niceness is a sign of weakness and allows a superior predator the right to devour your flesh and claim your eggs.

You're kind of weird.


I'm... I'm honestly uncomfortable.

We get that a lot. We'll call you a cab. Sorry the date didn't work out better.

That's OK, really. I had a nice time.

Us too.

Communities Dedicated To Atheist Fail
Imitation (or large amounts of time dedicated to irrational hatred) is the sincerest form of flattery! Here's a list of LiveJournal communities dedicated to atheist_fail:

atheistsnark, afail_is4losers, a_fail_fail, atheistfaildiaf, atheistfailfail, antivoxism, and antitheism.

The United Supernation of Atheist Fail

The Master, leader of the New Galatic Empire of Gallifrey, decided to give us a nice planet he owned but didn't have much use for. It was a small thing, tucked away in a rather cozy section of the Milky Way. After a rather boring journey mostly spent playing mancala and go fish, we landed on this strange world. All the settling parties were in conflict about what should become of our planet, so from it came the Disputed Territories. After a bloody war between us, Atheist Fail declared independence from the empire and began anew as a planet-encompassing supernation on July 5th, 2009. All glory be to Atheist Fail! NEVER FORGIVE AND NEVER FORGET!

Upon hearing this declaration, rosicrucian decided to stay up for three days designing the most serene republic a flag representing the people. It's not perfect, but after losing four fingers to rabid space hyenas and three more in a horrfic sewing accident, her abilities are a bit limited.

Select humans of the highest quality were soon loaded into cramped spaceships by the thousands and dumped onto Atheist Fail as settlers. Now with millions of new citizens the planet and nation prospered. Here are some statistics:

Economy: Don't Listen to the News! It's Great!
Political Freedom: Great!
Civil Rights: Gay Marriages for All!* (* If Gay Marriage Is Not For You, We Offer Free Brain Surgery as an Alternative!)
Income Tax Rate: 100%
National Animal: The Birdman
Crime: We Believe Strongly in the "Hands Off" Penalty for First Time Offenders. It Works Great!

Long life, Atheist Fail!

Official Atheist Fail Holidays

February 14th: International Day of Mourning for the Dear Leader, vox_diabolica
May 18th: Convert Me Liberation Day
June 2nd: 2nd Atheist Fail Independence Day
June 15th: 3rd Atheist Fail Independence Day
July: Holocaust Awareness Month
July 5th: 1st Atheist Fail Independence Day
October 9th: Leif Erikson (MPBUH) Day
December 24th: Fuck Everyone, I'm Going To Play Yahtzee Day

Bea Arthur (MPBUH) is our patron goddess. Do her no disrespect.

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